Pathology Management Software in Patna

Pathology Lab Management Software

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Software Features:

  • Web/Patient login Portal Interface
  • Patient, Doctor & Agent Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Franchise Wise ERP for Path labs
  • Test Group, Sample Type, & Test Result Details
  • Accounting, Inventory & Data Management
  • Expense Management
  • Fastest Execution for Administration Workflow
  • Employee’s Payroll
  • Collection Center Facility
  • Overall Agent & Doctor's Incentive
  • Personalized Domain
  • Patient Mobile App
  • Email & SMS Facility
  • MIS Reporting

Best Pathology Lab Management System (Online/Offline)

Pathology Lab Management System is desktop based software that brings the most efficient, rapid reporting and EMR software. Integrated secured web based platform for pathology management system which offers to handle the entire activities complicated in the pathology center.

Lab Management Software offers to include different test packages as per pathology and the customer can search and book a package as per their need. We have developed Pathology Info, Appointment, Lab Request and Lab Results with the report. It offers reduced costs, enhanced efficiency, and increase profits with transparency and flexibility. Pathology Management Software which coordinates as well as integrates all the activities involved in the Pathology Laboratory.

Pathology Lab Management Software manages patient record in pathology laboratory in Patna. The software allows you to eager patient test values and gives test reports to the patients. This ideal software also offers efficiency to maintain lab records. The developing concept behind the pathology software is to save time and enhance productivity and revenue of pathology labs.

Diagnostics Pathology Lab Management Software

The more flexible and reliable diagnostics pathology management software help to reduced costs and enhanced efficiency, can track tests and examinations, data more quickly and save time to get test results faster. The pathology Lab software is user-friendly, fascinate of bill and report generation with enhanced privacy and accuracy.

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