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Welcome the next age group of pharma sales force automation software MR Reporting Software. RTS is a SaaS based MR Reporting Software: Next generation sales on web based platform for pharmaceutical enterprises.

Pharmaceutical Businesses are required to endlessly optimize their sales force resources (MR – medical reports) effectiveness, focus on profitably, manage activities schedule of all the MR’s monthly/quarterly/Half-Yearly. Managers Can Keep track of medical representatives when they are on filed. Managers can view product promotions done by the MR’s and monitors MR Performance as well.

Monitor, track, manage, and advance pharma sales force efficiency with MR Reporting Software. Identify the location of your medical representatives in real time and optimize their positioning. MR Reporting Software by its unique geo-tagging facility allows support teams to display the work of medical representatives all through the day thus increasing transparency & responsibility and reducing wrong reporting & fuel costs. MR Reporting Software also shows the GPS location of the doctors and making it easier for MR to visit the doctors.

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